The Sind Madressah-Tul-Islam, an Alma Mater of the Father of the Nation and dozens of other national leaders, who played prominent roles in the creation of Pakistan, is located on Shahrah-e-Liaquat and was the first Muslim educational complex built in Sind. The Madressah (school) was initiated on 1st Sept. 1885 in a rented two storied building near Bolton Market by K.M. Hassanally Effendi. Upon completion of this building on 14th Nov. 1890, the Madressah moved to the current premises and has functioned uninterruptedly since then. The current site itself was previously a Municipal camel camping ground (carvansarai) which was bestowed by the Karachi Municipality to the Madressah Board. The building was designed by James Strachen according to the sketches of K.B. Wali Mohammad and its foundation stone was laid by Lord Duffering on 14th Nov.1887. The total cost of construction of the main Madressah building came to Rs. 1,97,188 SINDH MADRESSAH-TUL-ISLAM