About Karachi

Karachi capital of the province of Sindh, is the financial capital and the largest city of Pakistan. With a population of nearly 18.5 million, Karachi is one of the world's largest cities in terms of population, Karachi is undoubtedly the largest city of Pakistan accommodating people from all regions and religions.

Being the largest and the most populous city of Pakistan, Karachi presents an interesting and colorful combination of the old and new traditions. The narrow twisted lanes and alleys of the old city throb with life along-side the wide metalled roads and elegant modern buildings. Within the city, one may find talented artisans with age-old skills producing handicrafts of exquisite beauty.

Karachi is Pakistan's busiest commercial city hosting great activities in trade, industry, education etc. It is an ultra-modern city, equipped with the most modern cinemas, recreational clubs, hotels and restaurants. sThe sea is the most exciting and romantic part of Karachi. There are beautiful beaches at Sandspit, Sommiani and Hawks Bay. These places are excellent picnic resorts and with their peaceful and tranquil surroundings they provide adequate fun and enjoyment to tourists and locals alike. Adding to tourist attraction are numerous water related activities like yachting, water-skiing and cruising etc. The presence of huge and tall buildings have given Karachi a grandeur and majestic appearance. The Quaid ( Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah) mausoleum is the most important monument in Karachi. With all its splendor and beauty, The Quaid Mausoleum stands gracefully in the heart of Karachi whereby combining classical oriental architecture with modern day architectural designs. The Quaid's birthplace, Wazir Mansion, has also been preserved as a national archive.

To provide convenience to tourists, Karachi has a state-of-the-art international airport accommodating flights from all over the world. It has thus become the "Gateway to Pakistan". Karachi welcomes people from all parts of the world. It pictures a mingling of varieties; old and new, east and west. It looks as if, Karachi has truly absorbed the charm and beauty of modern and conventional way of life. Offering a host of cultural and social activities, Karachi has truly positioned itself to become a famous tourist temptation.

About Karachi