Constructed at a well-chosen site, was clearly visible from a great distance. Although the imperialists were particular in commemorating significant events, The new market a symmetrical building arranged around a courtyard. While the use of the alien Gothic form was understandable, the presence of an atrium was highly unusual for the time. With a frontage of 231 feet on Preedy Street, its four galleries, each 46 feet wide, surround the generous size courtyard, 130 feet by 100 feet. The single-storey building is not pretentious except for the tall central tower that rises to a height of 140 feet.
The design utilizes delicately carved column capitals, as well as carved stone brackets which support the balcony projections. Together with the exquisite leopard heads at the top four corners of the tower, the carved elements demonstrate the skill of the local craftsmen. The building's imposing clock tower was provided with a large chiming clock, unfortunately no longer working, with skeleton iron dials placed on the four sides. Contemporary accounts described the structure as a " very handsome building designed in what is known as the "Domestic Gothic Style" (Baillie 1890).
The Empress Market was praised in no uncertain Commissioner Pritchard, who pointed out in his opening address that only one other market surpassed it in the whole Presidency, namely the 'Crawford Market of Bombay.
Strachan's Empress Market in the English pointed style was comparatively simple in character, but its distinctive clock tower was twelve feet higher than that of the 'Craw